Do not forgive! The attack on Chongryon! Recoil! May 19th Hate Crime Info Evening

  • Posted on: 13 March 2019
  • By: wor-admin

Originally published in Japanese as 許すな!朝鮮総連への銃撃!跳ね返そう!ヘイトクライム5・19講演集会 by Satoshi Yamaguchi in the CIRA-Japana Literature Center's newspaper, issue #43 on July 1st, 2018.
Translated by Taylor Rift.

On February 23rd this year, right-wing chauvinists carried out a shooting at the Chongryon 1 headquarters. It has become clear that one of the two suspects involved in the shooting spreads hate propaganda on the streets and frequents hate demos.

So, not forgiving this violence and putting hate crime in focus, an information evening was organized by the "Committee against discrimination and Chauvinism" and by people promoting "Direction Action"on the 19th of May.
On the day of the gathering, as a harassment strategy, two or three right-wing propaganda trucks were spreading noise. So-called online right-wingers 2 were harassing the attendees by jeering and booing, creating a tense and violent situation. As a defensive measure, the cops also came prepared with four or five Kamaboko3 that were lined up in front of the venue as they surveilled the people that were present.

It was a sight that would make your stomach turn.

However, the meeting itself was packed with content and turned out wonderful. There were around 70 attendees.
Manabu Ishibashi (senior staff writer of The Kanagawa Newspaper's digital section) appeared as a guest speaker and talked about the viciousness of the hate speech geared against Koreans living in Kawasaki, and introduced and explained the course of a counter-hate fight on the basis of his articles.
Another guest speaker, a (North) Korean human rights advocate living in Japan by the name of Pak Kim Ugi, spoke about the increasing discrimination and hate crimes inflicted on Koreans by Japanese people, and pointed out the background (i.e. the Japanese Government) on which this discrimination and incitement is happening.
It was a gathering packed with food for thought.

  • 1. General Association of Korean Residents in Japan
  • 2. Netouyo, literally 'net right-wing'
  • 3. lit. steamed fish: big armored vehicles