Poor Giangiacomo

  • Posted on: 13 March 2019
  • By: wor-admin

Originally published as Povero Giangiacomo on Macerie on February 21, 2019.
Translated by Taylor Rift.

An important piece of news has appeared today in the mainstream media for all those, in Turin and surroundings, who haven't swallowed the eviction of the Asylum. Feltrinelli 1 became the majority shareholder of Scuola Holden 2.

It doesn't take much time to say what aligns this school of creative writing with the eviction of Via Alessandria 12 and the militarization of Aurora. First, the Scuola Holden is an outpost of the redevelopment of this portion of the city with its university students, paying ten-thousand euros of tuition per year, who have poured into the streets and into the neighborhood's houses, stimulating the expulsion of many proletarian families.

Whereupon the director of Scuola Holden, together with Laura Milani, the director of the Institute of Applied Arts and Design 3 teamed up with Nuvola Lavazza 4, and presented, already some years before, an explicit proposal to the municipality to evacuate the premises of the Asilo. Baricco 5 declared himself willing to assume the costs of a possible renovation in exchange for the possibility of opening a branch of the headquarters which is currently hosted at the Arsenale della Pace. A voice that in the last days, after the eviction, has regained new vigor, despite the clumsy declarations with which the Five Star Movement's administration assured that they wanted to transform the premises of Via Alessandria 12 into a space open to the neighborhood.

In addition to Feltrinelli, and among the main Holden shareholders another colossus of left capitalism, appears Eataly: a corporate symbol of slow food that holds 16% of the financial share of the Baricco School.

Keep it in mind...

  • 1. An Italian publishing company founded by Giangiacomo Feltrinelli.
  • 2. The School of Storytelling & Performing Arts.
  • 3. Istituto di Arte Applicata e Design
  • 4. The new Lavazza headquarters in Turin; Lavazza is an Italian coffee product manufacturer.
  • 5. Founder of the Scuola Holden.