Until the rulers obey

zaterdag, 25 april, 2015 - 15:00
Boekhandel de Rooie Rat
La chispa en de Rooie Rat
Until the rulers obey

“Every act of destruction meet its repsonse, sooner or later, in an act of creation.”
-Eduardo Galeano-

De Rooie Rat and La Chispa would like to invite you for the presentation of the book ‘Until the rulers obey’. Its editor, Clifton Ross will come and tell us the story of the incredible rise of latin american social movements at the turn of the century.

'Until the rulers obey' is a collection of interviews and stories from over seventy activists, scholars and writers from dozens of social movements. It shows how these movements sprung from all walks of life - indigenous people, campesinos, students, the LGBT community and many more - that share the heritage of Latin America’s tragic history of US-backed dicatorships and testing ground for neoliberal reforms. Furthermore, it discusses the most important debates that Latin America’s movements have encountered: questions of power, organizational forms, strategies, tactics and relations with the state.

Free entry

15:00: Presentation Clifton Ross
15:45 Q & A / discussion
16:15: Drinks

Een recensie van het boek vind je hier: http://www.lachispa.eu/recensies/boeken/until-the-rulers-obey-voices-from-latin-american-social-movements/