Geen vluchteling op straat of in de cel!

Demonstratie ‘Geen vluchteling op straat of in de cel’ – 23 maart – Amsterdam

Mars vertrekt 13:00 vanaf Vluchtkerk Amsterdam
Erik de Roodestraat 16 – goed bereikbaar via tram en metro.
Manifestatie op het Museumplein vanaf 14:30
Sprekers, actie en een ééndaags tentenkamp.

14/7 Take the Square NL

14 Jul 2012 18:00
14 Jul 2012 21:00

The less we work, the more we do

An evening of debate on new activist movements, traditional workers organizations, creation of jobs and the end of unlimited exploitation of resources. Case study: Steelworkers and miners strikes in Greece and Spain. Organized by Take the Square-Zuid Holland and REinFORM.

Where: Vondelbunker, Amsterdam
When: 14th of July, Saturday, from 18'00 to 21'00

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12 mei


26/4 Occupy Regroup A'dam

26 Apr 2012 20:30

As outdoor temperatures are rising, the Occupy movement is taking to the streets again. The financial crisis seems here to stay. And the same market driven policies that got us into this mess, are now being forced upon us as a solution.

Which lessons can we draw from our experience with more than half a year of Occupy? In what ways should our strategies be adapted in order to be more effective?

12/5 Occupy Global Action Day / Dag van de Vereniging

12 May 2012 12:00

Global Occupy Action Day

Democratische politieke systemen staan in dienst van ondernemingen en financiële instellingen, zonder rekening te houden met het lot van onze planeet of haar bewoners. Dit is waarom wij, mannen en vrouwen, de bewoners van deze planeet, besloten hebben om op 12 mei over de hele wereld verenigd onze stem te laten horen! in Amsterdam staan we op 12 mei op de Dam voor wereldwijde democratie en sociale rechtvaardigheid!

4/3 LOM5 Amsterdam

4 Mar 2012 12:00

De vijfde Landelijke Occupy Meeting vindt zondag 26 februari 4 maart plaats in Amsterdam. Info op

Lecture - Ocp and the commons

28 Jan 2012 16:00
28 Jan 2012 18:00

Saturday, January 28, 16.00 @ Valreep

** Michael Hardt – Occupy and the politics of the commons **

Introduction by Fabiola Jara (the Common Seminar).

With contributions by Jimini Hignett and Elke Buitenhuis of Occupy Amsterdam.

Ocp got it all wrong

14 Jan 2012 13:00

Occupiers got it ALL wrong. Bankers are cool, bonusses are just, the system is working perfectly and democracy is as alive as ever. We realize that now. In order to show the public how wrong we were we are going to march! All to spread this one message: EVERYTHING IS FINE!
We meet at Beursplein 5 at 1 pm and will continue our march through the Kalverstraat.

If you want to join bring yourself, your sense of SARCASM and a banner of the type:

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