About the organisation

This demonstration is organised by various groups that are active (or of which the members are active) in lending practical support to people who have migrated to the Netherlands. We consider the provision of practical support to migrants to be of the utmost importance. Now we are investing our time in a demonstration. This is because we find it important to bring people together, to make our voice clearly heard. We will speak up for solidarity, against increasing xenophobia, and for freedom of movement. In our society divisions are becoming increasingly apparent and conflicts are coming to a head. We have for example seen verbal attacks on migrants in the media, but also the physical attack on a shelter for asylum seekers in Woerden. There is, unfortunately, an endless stream of examples. Join the demonstration and add your voice to a positive call. Nijmegen is Gastvrij! Nijmegen is Hospitable!

The demonstration is organised by, among others:

-Watch the Med
-Stichting Gast
-Dignity for Refugees

If you, or an organization you are involved with, would like to help, please contact us.

nmgn.gastvrij (a) gmail.com

This demonstration is also supported by
-VluchtelingenWerk Oost Nederland (Refugee Work Eastern Netherlands)
-COC Nijmegen
-Bond precaire woonvormen
-Internationale Socialisten Nijmegen (International Socialists Nijmegen)
-De Bijstand
-Moskee Abikbakr
-Godfried Beumers, theatermaker.
-Koster Monique LeClercq (Antonius van Paduakerk, Nijmegen)
-Bona Baana

Watch the Med

Watch the Med Alarm Phone is a transnational alarm telephone for migrants in distress at sea. People can call 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Of course, the alarm phone is not a search and rescue organisation, but tries to get those who can rescue them to people in need. Through the work which is done, the alarm phone tries to show direct solidarity. The alarm phone thinks everyone has the right to move wherever they want. So long as the fences of fortress Europe are still in place, alarm phone tries to stand by those people who strive towards a better life through the holes in those fences.


Click here for the article “Bootvluchtelingen redden vanuit een Nijmeegse huiskamer” about Watch the Med (in Dutch)


Mulawan is a solidarity café in Nijmegen. We serve food based on dishes from around the world, and all profits go to migrants in need.


Stichting Gast

Stichting Gast (foundation Guest) supports asylum seekers in need in Nijmegen and surroundings. Mostly these are people whose application for asylum has been formally rejected, but who are not able to return to their country of origin. The state leaves refugees, who are often ill or traumatised, on the streets without facilities or prospects. Stichting Gast helps these people with housing, food and advice.



Doorbraak is a non-hierarchical organisation which organises, in Nijmegen and elsewhere in the Netherlands, around issues such as forced labour, racism and migration. Visit Doorbraak’s website for more information.



The Anarchist Group, Nijmegen (link) is a group which acts from its anti-authoritarian convictions. It is engaged with many themes, one of which is refugees’ issues.