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Self-organised sessions

Missed the deadline for the call for papers? Don't worry. During Interference there will be plenty of space available for unplanned activities, spontaneous action, and general interference with the programming: the self-organised sessions.

Feel like doing a workshop? Having an urge to discuss a particular topic? Want to let people know what you're planning? Register your account and/or log in on this wiki (link at the top right) and fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

Here's what you can expect sofar:

The sessions

Fathers of the InternetdickAn ongoing exploration of the entanglements of artificial intelligence, patronage and government.
[AnarchaGland] Anarcha, Lucy & Betseyklau Anarchagland is a autonomous-research project about the history of gynecology, and an active and radical proposal to re-write it. Body-hack / GlamSPELL
DIY Fluids Narratives & hACktionsklauRiver ANALysys hardware Prototypes & Polluted Industrial Environment Dialectics
Brainstorm, discussion for a new radar.squat.netclaraInformal discussion before a week of development for a new site.
DIY WorkshopnicaYou can bring old clothes for repair, upgrades or exchange. Or make something from scratch! With this we can consume less and do more ourselves.
GNUnion (Global Networked Labour Union) Beta 1.0orsansGobal Networked Labour Union aims at creating one big mesh network for the workers from Global South and Global North, by linking the distributed networks of high-tech/knowledge, industrial and service workers; domestic, immigrant, rural, jobless and future workers; solidarity, activism and research networks; labour, environmental, social justice and information freedom activists. Doing so GNUnion aims to build resources, tools, and space for self-empowerment of the largest classes for itlsef, the 'ordiniday peoples class'!
Patching policyHans de ZwartDebating a positive cyber security programme.
Freedom as a common-pool resource. Alpha 1Petros At FreelabFirst attempt to describe freedom (both freedon-to and freedom-from) using the language of the commons. Brief talk + collaborative thinking.
Connecting the dots. Beta 4Petros At FreelabAnarchists, Hackers, Settlers. Networking for skill transfer. Skill transfer for resilience. Resilience for survival. Talk and Q&A.
GNUnettgIntroduction to GNUnet, focusing on recent developments around its messaging capabilities.
Circumvention tech & western imperialismgroenteA discussion about the overlap in agenda between circumvention tech projects (tor, leap, etc.) and western imperialism (darpa, rfa, etc.)

Announce your own session

Add your self-organised session

Please fill in this form to announce your self-organised session. You can pick a time and place during the event itself on the big physical program board.

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